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My grandmother's sister is staying with us [and has been for a while - just haven't been bothered to get on livejournal.. or anything online really. Have this wacko eye-infection which is either being caused/provoked by my annoyingly short fringe, or by staring at the computer for uberly long lengths of time.. or some sadistic microorganism - but I'm opting for one of the first two.

So I've been trying to cut down on computer time [which has worked actually, for the past few days] and concentrate on finishing Tess of the D'Urbervilles x____x [ok maybe it's not that bad at all.. but again, I probably don't feel like reading it because I have to] and playing piano and trying to get out of the house -- I walked to campsie a few days ago to get a few CDs from lisa and get Rebecca to borrow some books so she'd stop bugging me to play games whenever mum's on the computer, and oh yeah I met Mengxi at the library freaking out because she doesn't have a text for english yet haha. So apparently she hasn't started studying or whatever yet, which made me feel good =) and she told me to buy this yellow chinese eye paste from some chinese herb shop, but when I got there they redirected me back to the centre to find VPlus and get it from there instead, so I did and when I tried it at home it worked fine for a few hours or so, and anyway the point was;

On the way back, I found this small stall [fairly randomly] halfway into someone's shop, and they were selling korean pancakes for a dollar a shot, and I thought why not and bought two [coz I had exactly $2.05 after getting a bus fare] and [hahah I'm taking a while to get to the point] and they were DELICIOUS. Fried doughy pancake stuff hot hot fresh of the pan, filled with cinnamon and spice and all things nice ;] haha nah it had chopped up bits of peanut and brown sugar and stuff and was yum. So that became my lunch.

Anyway my grandmother's sister, who I shall refer to as ii-bo because it is shorter, is staying with us and you know how [omg it's 4:12 I should go eat lunch] everyone reckons my grandma is really forceful minded and schoolwork-geared and always goes out and does her thing, and has her own mind or however you want to put it, well ii-bo is completely different. Haha I think it's the first time I get what everyone's talking about when they say their grandmas are all sweet and trying to feed you sweets, and always folding away the clothes/doing other random chores around the house, and not talking about school work and doing well in life when you grow up instead of your parents.

Don't get me wrong though, my grandmother can be really nice and is probably just looking out for my future and all that when she tells me to stop playing games, and go do stuff which is probably a v. good thing, and she's always trying to feed me all the time as well, but her personality is much more out there and non-typical-grandma-like ; like the way she tells me to go brush my teeth every single morning whether I do it or not, or looks at me accusingly and tells me how forgetful I am for not eating a fish oil tablets, and that I should be remembering this kind of stuff because my skin's so green. So it's all really good-for-me stuff I guess, and if no one said it, I probably wouldn't do it.

Like when I get in the car to go out with my mum, every single time, she looks at my face and tells me I haven't put on any moisturising cream and my face looks dry and is going to end up like a crust of bread when I grow up, and then I'll know. Which is probably good for me, otherwise when I grow up my face will end up like a crust of bread of whatever, and then I'll know. I'm even getting used to her telling me to change my clothes and shoes or whatever whenever I go out - I just go and find her and my grandma and seek their approval before getting in the car dressed like a hobo, which almost inevitably causes a prickly row which ends with either me or one or both of them pissed off.
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