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Yay new layout :] in my increasingly favourite colour, green. And my other favourite colours, purple and orange, which you can find in the SKITTLES sitting above, yum yum yum!! Haha what am I crapping on about I like all colours. Anyway, this layout is much more my kind of layout, and it's probably going to hog my LJ for a good long time. Am currently feeling much more productive than I have for the whole holidays, after spending the afternoon making a layout. PRODUCTIVE procrastination ^____^ whut a novel concept. I now realise that the main reason I can't get any homework done is coz there's a sense of obligation tied to it. Like, if no one wanted or expected me to finish my maths homework, I bet it'd get done straight away =D. Haha orr not.. maybe it's just coz homework is BORING

Oh, and guess what the current featuring Headline of my life is :D
..actually it deserves its own line =D
the iPod NANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<black shape starts dancing around insanely to insane music>

Although if you think about it, you can't really dance around as a black shape if you want the nano to be seen, since it's black [soo much more chic than the white iPod, eh?] but the cords are still white, so I guess I can't really be a one-colour block silhouette at all oO.... ah...? ANYWAY, I'm finding that the 800mb [meant to be 1GB but oh well] of space that my iPod offers is incredibly limiting (in our 5GB/DVD world) and I'm looking for solutions to survive without iTunes - right now I'm using vPod which is compact and speedy, only thing is, it doesn't support uploading photos or other random files, other than music. Then again, who needs pictures :] and PodPlayer for some reason won't install itself onto my iPod drive ><

Anyway [omg 3:46 should go eat lunch] the point was <FLAGS DOWN HTML SMARTIES> I can't work out how to make the background of the textbox above this halfway/transparent, coz there's all this graffiti background stuff being blocked by it, and it's be cool if I could somehow adjust opacity. Yeah. Not that I'm holding my breath lol - hopefully I'll find the coding somewhere online, because apparently anything can be found through google if you look hard enough =P

------------------------------------------- Brushes came from vbrush, Graphics from morguefile
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